Hello Sunshines!! This blog is about what I like. First thing would be Makeup!! I love makeup since I started working as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse. I love the colours and textures. So, I would be reviewing makeups that I have. Some were already used, I will incorporate old makeups that I keep. Also, some that were purchased that I haven’t got the chance to open and use because of busy lifestyle before. From Drugstore makeup, up to the high-end ones. I also love food and as a Filipino we love to eat a lot. So, I may throw in some food stuff, places and experiences. So, I hope you guys will like my blog. this is first time for me so please don’t judge and hate. of course, I will take criticism to learn and to improve more.  Thank you so much and please enjoy. Feel free to leave comments.

Nattynoo, x